Row Counter Goodness!

Oh my lordy me – I’ve been crocheting all day trying to get ready for an event this weekend. My one problem is there are sections where I have to work between four to twelve  rows even. Not only is this TEDIOUS I tend to forget which row I’m on and have to stop and work it all out and count, count, count! Yes I could use a row counter but, well, they’re in a tin downstairs and where’s the fun?

Earlier I made a pile of crochet hooks, one for each row, and for every row finished I put one back in their jar next to my work desk. Great, job done – but it just occurred to me – what if they were jelly beans or some other sugary goodness? What more incentive would I need to work through the boring bits? And although counting beans are nothing new, what better way to keep track of your crochet and knitting rows? Eureka!