Crochet Doll

Well, at last some actual crochet!

I was largely inspired by this free amigurumi pattern; mine ended up nothing like it but it gave me the courage to jump in.

My first attempt had rather shapeless feet and the arms were too long. The dress was not thought through at all, but I wanted to use fabric to bring in as many different textures as possible. I couldn’t decide on the position of the eyes or what I should use for them – embroidery, buttons or felt; alas she still only has pins in place.

For the second attempt I made her with boots and socks and shaped the dress a little more with a thin red ribbon and I sewed the arms through the fabric. I also used ribbon for the boot laces. Although the prototype had plaited wool for hair, I used lots of different yarns for the second attempt. I like the effect very much but having only threaded them through the holes made by the crochet stitches, I need to redo it and make the strands more secure. After all the messing around with buttons,  in the end I just sewed in a single stitch of black wool for the eyes as I made the head, and I think it works. Both dolls are largely made in one piece and each stand at 14 inches.


Sept – This is the very latest version of the rag doll. I’ve jointed the hips, knees and elbows  and am much happier with her – she is more rag-dolly, if that makes any sense, lankier and more agile. I get all my fabric  from a trader at the local market and he has such  a lovely selection of vintagey cottons at the mo; part of the fun  of these is matching the  fabric, wool, ribbons and buttons. Which I think makes me a girl after all.