Saltaire Arts Trail 2016

Tomorrow I hang my work at the Art Rooms in Salts Mill. I did weave another tapestry in the end, she’s quite small (49cm x 66cm).and woven to fill one of the corners of the space I’ve been given.

Chrissie Freeth Handwoven tapestry

I’m glad I’ve woven her but I’m still quite uncomfortable at this scale .I can’t see why anyone would put a bit of fabric the size of a towel on their wall. It seems unfinished, unloved, trying to be something it isn’t. I felt that all three pieces needed just a little touch of drama, darling.

Frames were an obvious option but it wasn’t something I’d done before, it would be a punt, and time was short. In fact, considering how long it would take to get the frames made, if they looked rubbish I’d only have 24 hours to line the tapestries and find another way to hang them. I decided to risk it anyway. I liked the frames I saw at the Terry Frost exhibition in Leeds a while ago. They seemed simple, unpretentious, crude almost and that was what I wanted for mine.

Chrissie Freeth Handwoven tapestry

I am really thrilled with them, and fortunately they were finished a few days early which was a real blessing as it was much more work getting them ready than I’d planned. I was finding my way through a lot of it but will be more prepared next time. I painted them so the wood grain showed through, echoing the background emerging through the tapestries (actually this was a total accident but shush). I feel these frames give me scope to explore working to this scale in the future, although I am chomping at the bit to return to the full width of the loom for my next piece.

With much advice and support I’ve commissioned a set of gift cards featuring my work. It was something I’ve been toying with for a while and I’m super glad to have finally taken the plunge. They’ll be available at the Arts Trail and in my online shop after that. Sorry for the crappy picture – they’re really, really shiny!

Chrissie Freeth Handwoven tapestry

Although I’ve done the Arts Trail a few times before this will be the first time where I am really proud of the work I am showing, or rather that I am showing work that is so personal to me. There’s a mini guide available online here and which also outlines everything going on over the bank holiday weekend. I’m in venue number 2 on the map. Hope to see you there x



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