Weeks 11&12: Artist in Residence at the BRI

Well not quite the new artist in residence at my local hospital, the BRI, but I might as well be. I had a fight with one of my dismantled scaffold looms and ended up in A&E. Again. I had an open fracture of a toe, lost a nail and sliced the nail bed. The plastic surgeon did talk at one point of putting stitches into the nail bed. No vomiting please.


At the end of my last post I was pretty much ready for a full-blown panic attack with how busy May was already. This was the last thing I needed. And after twenty years, this was the second time I’ve ended up in A&E in a matter of months. I wallowed, feeling sorry for myself for a couple of days, but then brushed myself down and got on with it. I can still weave and get around, I just can’t wear shoes or slippers. I have a pair of sandals but am petrified of being trodden on (until I saw a way to put my old crocheting skills to use, sometimes, my own genius scares me.) The real downside of all this was missing the Heritage Crafts Association’s conference A Place for Craft yesterday. I watched it all unfolding on twitter and it looks like it was an amazing day with great speakers. Here’s hoping I will be injury free next year! IMG_2795

Despite everything good progress has been made on the new tapestry. The way I am weaving the hair is slowing me down and it is rather tedious to do, but it is starting to pay off.

IMG_2760Whilst it may well be the making of this tapestry, I will be thinking twice before doing it again. Despite the delay it should still be finished in time for Art in the Pen in August. card weaving

I’ve also been working on the children’s workshops for the Saltaire Arts Trail on the 25th May. There will be card weaving, straw weaving as well as tapestry weaving and peg loom weaving. It has been a lot of fun trying to remember what it was like to be a kid and what they would enjoy doing. The straw weaving in particular was pretty addictive and everyone will be getting a woven bracelet for the next two Christmases at least.

straw weavingI have banned myself from the studio for a few days to focus on getting ready for SAT, but am looking forward to getting back to her. My first job will be to wind some of the finished tapestry onto the cloth beam and then I will be able to start work on the middle of the figure. You can just see her hands and face/mouth in the cartoon.

IMG_2769So that’s where I’m at.  Here’s hoping I can make it through the next fortnight or so accident free!

One thought on “Weeks 11&12: Artist in Residence at the BRI

  1. Hi Chrissie. I have recently acquired a large tapestry loom very similar to yours. I see that you have very little space at the sides of the loom and that prompts one large question from me: how on earth do you get the loom warped? I too have limited space at the sides and rear of the loom as the whole thing is a bit of a humongous beast, and warping it is tricky. Very tricky.

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