Weeks 6 & 7: Warp Factor Freeth!

Tapestry WarpI had been nervous about putting the warp for the new tapestry onto the loom. I’ve put on small narrow warps for samples; the first time I beamed it, it took all day, by the third it only took an hour. But I was conscious putting on a full width was ripe with potential disaster. As it happens it was a bit of a breeze, I think the loom was built to take wide warps so it was actually much easier, the loom seemed was balanced and weighted the right way. I suppose it was no more time-consuming than warping the scaffold loom – I thought it would have taken much longer – in the end it just required a bit of patience and to go through all the steps properly. Tapestry WarpsAll the warp has now been threaded through the heddles and the reed (and with only three mistakes!) and now I need only tie it onto the lower beam. I’m trying to source some weft, and while I am waiting for that to arrive I have the headers to weave. IMG_2177I have spent quite a lot of time sketching and designing too and I am feeling awash with ideas and inspiration, which is certainly the reverse of a few months ago. I think having found a version of Found Drowned I am happy  with,, I’ve have broken some sort of barrier and have a bit more confidence.IMG_1970My sketching marathons have been ably assisted by (ahem, running out of warp and having to order more) and by spending a lot of time on trains including a trip to London for a meeting of the trustees of the Heritage Crafts Association. It was five years old this March, and it’s amazing to think of all they have achieved in that time. There. Was. Cake. IMG_2247I also have a bit to cheer about, and it has all happened in the last couple of days so I am still all of a tizz. Firstly, the Crafts Council has launched a new Directory of British craftspeople and I am very happy to say I have been selected to join it.

Tapestry faceThe following day I got a call from the Platform Gallery to tell me that Apologies (above) has been selected to take part in the Lancashire and Yorkshire Craft Open 2015 and just today I learned I’ve got into The Art Market Holmfirth in November. I am considering buying my first lottery ticket for decades.I am very excited and honoured to be taking part in these events, and the practicalities I will worry about a little later on.  I’ve added a new page to my website outlining the events I’ve got going this year. I don’t know how I am going to make enough tapestries, but I need to keep reminding myself that getting stressed over weaving is somewhat ridiculous!

Anyways, Happy Easter folks – may it be abundant in chocolate! x


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