Week 19: That’s all folks!

Gracie is finally ready to hang. Sewing on the carpet tape and velcro took much longer than I thought it would and it has been quite frustrating – no matter how hard I worked, when I left at the end of the day she looked no different to when I started. My last act was to sew on my name and date. I never did get round to putting in a weaver’s mark.


Fundraising is ongoing and I’ve said the hall can hang her until the end of July and we’ll see where we are at then. I’m not going to be there when they hang her, I suspect I will just get in the way and will fuss. I do like the idea of the tapestry hanging in the same place she was woven. The next and last job is to go back for the loom and I am looking forward to seeing her up. I feel like she isn’t mine anymore, which I suppose is a good thing. And I’ll be keeping in touch with East Riddlesden, staying on as artist-in-residence with a view to doing some workshops next year.

P1070847Now there isn’t anything else to be done I feel free to focus on the next project – details of which I will share soon I promise. I have spent the last couple of hours resetting and tidying my toolbox and I’ve already been experimenting with dyes and tomorrow I will order more and some yarn – I’m quite looking forward to it now!

So it isn’t all folks; now I’ve got into the habit of blogging pretty much weekly I will try to keep it up. I would just like to say that I’m really grateful to everyone who has read and commented – it does help me to keep going. x





4 thoughts on “Week 19: That’s all folks!

  1. What a fantastic achievement, the first of many I’m sure. Very much looking forward to your next one now…

  2. Fantastic that you have finally finished. Loved reading of your progress, every week. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

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