Hanging Tree Progress

Hanging Tree TapestryProgress has been made on the Hanging Tree – yes, that’s its title, sorry – and there’s about a week’s worth of weaving done.

I am generally weaving through the day and then winding bobbins and dyeing in the evening. I was a bit nervous about being able to dye to a consistent colour and yet still have enough variation to make the surface interesting, but it seems to be working out. It has helped to use more than one hank at a time; it seems to provide some continuation as the work progresses. I’ll do a post on dyeing for tapestry very soon in case it is of interest to anyone.

Hanging Tree Tapestry

Initially interpreting the cartoon proved more difficult than I thought it would; I was forgetting the cartoon is just a guide and not something to be reproduced, that the tapestry has a will of its own and that has to be respected. I was just getting my eye in when I was stopped in my tracks by a bug and I’ve ended up malingering beneath my duvet for several days. It’s been very frustrating as I just want to get on with the tapestry, but at least I’d done enough to satisfy myself that it’s going to work – whatever it is about the original image that seemed so atmospheric to me, it looks like it will be translated into the weaving after all – phew! I’m very excited and eager to get going again and still hoping to be done by December.

Hanging Tree Tapestry

As well as this bug I’ve also been delayed by having to getting ready for the Makers Fair at the Saltaire Festival. That went really well and some lovely people popped by to say hello, including readers of my wee blog – it was great to meet you. Several of my scarves found new homes which was rather lovely. I also had to get ready an order for the Imaginarium Gallery in Haworth – this lovely shop seems to be going from strength to strength and is full of unique and beautifully made items – I am really proud to be part of it. My stuff is in the window at the moment – the owner Claire has done such a great job – it’s very exciting! This does all mean I need to restock pretty sharpish, so I need to get weaving, especially as the busiest period of the year is about to kick in.


I’ve also been busy writing a couple of articles for UK Handmade. I am also really happy to say I’ve joined the Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers as one of their Features Editors. This has necessitated me joining the Guild – why I have left it so long to do so I don’t know! I’m looking forward to this very much, and the chance to expand my horizons within the field.


I was very much looking forward to visiting Yarndale this weekend but this bug has really put an end to that, but I’m on the mend now and hopefully tomorrow I can get weaving again. Ta ta for now x


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