On the loom today

Summer Scarf in Progress

Thought I’d share what I’ve been up today. I made the warp yesterday, it take a goodly while it has to be said, about 3 hours. It was the first time I made a warp on the go – I just picked some colours I liked and that worked well together, and went for it, all random. I am a red and rust type of gal but forced myself to stick in some blues, greens and yellows and am really pleased with the results. summer scarf on loom

Initially I had it in my mind to do a rosepath weave but the pattern was drowned out by the multi-coloured warp. The twill instead gave some interest but did not detract from the colours and I’m thrilled with the result and will be making it again very soon. It was very fast to weave, just under 2 metres in about 5  hours; the only problem was the left selvage which kept breaking, I think I need to move the beater more, the reed must have kept wearing through the threads – very frustrating!

Summer scarf handwoven

Also today the artists taking part in the Saltaire Arts Trail have been revealed. There does seem to be fewer painters this year,  but plenty of printmakers. Less jewellery and photography too, but plenty of textiles and ceramics – looks like a great line up and lots of new faces. I’ll be at 75 Albert Road, the house of friend and artist Dave Starley. If the weather is good I hope to have my loom there too so folk can have a go. Also at the same house is a printmaker, Cath Brooke, who I have long been a fan of, so it should be a fun few days.


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