Contemporary Crafts in Leeds

Reetsweet April Corn Exchange

Another post and another event signed up for – Reetsweet seeks to promote handpicked contemporary and fashionable crafts – so as you can imagine I am pretty chuffed to have got in. There is a lot of talk that craft fairs simply aren’t worth doing, competing as you are with brought in goods and assembled tat, but as long as there are folk willing to go to such an effort to support designer makers then I remain hopeful. So I’ll be at the Leeds Corn Exchange on the 6th, do pop down.

Now that I’ve made enough stock of the smaller items I am looking forward to a bit of breathing space to work on some scarves and experimenting on the loom. I’m going to do a bit of work on the website today and a dash of admin, tomorrow I have governor training, Sunday I’m making kits for Salts mill, but Monday I’ll be back at the loom, or rather the warping mill, but inching closer to it anyway!


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