Shipley Alternative

Shipley Alternative 5 Handloom weaver

I’ve long known the Shipley Alternative indie market, held a few times during the year at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley, was a popular event with sellers and visitors. I visited it last Christmas and was very impressed with the quality of goods on offer and so when the call went out for stall holders I eagerly signed up.

Shipley Alternative 2 Handloom weaver

I had very little stock made and was still wondering if I had done the right thing changing focus, and it was on a Sunday and the same day Bradford City were playing at Wembley but I thought it would do me good to have a deadline and something to work towards and a chance to dip my toe in the water and get a bit of feedback.

Shipley Alternative 3 Handloom weaver

I had  three weeks to make things and think about the design of the stall but I managed to pull it off and had lots of nice comments and people really did seem to like what I had done so I am really pleased and encouraged. I would have liked to have made some more scarves but I put a nail in my foot last weekend so had some difficulty using the loom (a word to the wise, don’t try and tidy a cluttered cellar in flip-flops).


Shipley Alternative 6

I also took along Inga, my Scandinavian spinning wheel and a young man had a go treadling her and was a complete natural – he seemed very keen to learn to spin and his dad talked about finding him a spindle. My friend Sonia who taught me to spin popped by, she hadn’t met Inga before and had a go too and ended up staying for the rest of the afternoon spinning away!

Shipley Alternative 1

I had a lovely day and met some lovely people and will definitely be doing another one if they’ll have me back. I’m going to have tomorrow off – or rather see to the much neglected housework. Tuesday I’ll start taking photographs and list the new stock. Next stop is to start approaching some shops, think about an event in Bradford city centre in March and getting ready for the Arts Trail. Perhaps I’ll just have a half-day off!

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