A fortnight on…

Well it has been nearly two weeks since I ‘jumped’ and I’ve been meaning to let you know how I’ve got on. I’m supposed to be going out to dinner but the snow has delayed some of us so I have a few minutes to catch up. Well first off I ‘came out’ and got a Facebook page (so please do click on it and ‘like’) – the support has been overwhelming. I’ve also started applying for events. I’ll be at the Shipley Alternative event on the 24th of this month, a popular local indie market and a good place to start getting my toes wet, and I’ve found it very useful having an event to prepare for. I’ve also been working on how to make myself more efficient and sustainable admin wise and have been commissioning a mannequin to take photographs of my scarves – that has been one of the hardest parts actually, I didn’t want just another dressmaker’s dummy. The ever fantastic John up at the Cellar Project came up trumps with this. Whilst I’d like to say that I designed it based on my own figure it would, alas, be a lie.

Autumn ScarfSage twill scraf

I’ve also – I am rather thrilled to say – and fan fare please – been accepted as an exhibitor at Yarndale 2013, a two-day event in September, something similar to Woolfest. It looks like a great event and I really can’t wait. My loom is coming too and I hope to get people weaving. There are a few other events  I’ve applied for and am waiting to hear, and I’ve also made the first steps toward a potentially very exciting collaboration (and if you think I am being cagey there you’d be right). I have started to grab every opportunity instead of talking myself out of it which used to be my usual way and I feel that I am benefiting from it already. Oh my friends are on their way, I’d better dash!

Yarndale Flyer


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