Jane Fielder – Saltaire at Night

Hidden Treasure, Saltaire, Jane Fielder

Just a quicky – last night I went to the Open Studios at the Butterfly Rooms in Saltaire. It was lovely to see local artist Dave Starley in his new gallery, as well as textile artist Hannah Lamb in her new studio upstairs. I have long loved the work of both, and in another room I fell hook line and sinker for some prints by Jane Fielder, a Bingley based artist I had not come across before.

The meeting, Saltaire, Jane Fielder There are of course many painters and printers who have based work on Saltaire, but Jane seemed to capture something of the place I had not seen before. She kindly allowed me to post some of her images here, the one at the top is of the mill looking over the gatehouse, the  one above of Vicars on Victoria Street, and below looking towards Albert Terrace. I have to say I am very hard-pressed to pick my favourite, I love them all.  The inquisitive man. Saltaire, Jane FielderDo have a look at her website, there are others of the church, canal and station. She was an utterly delightful lady and I’ll be planning a visit to her gallery very soon, if not making a space on my wall for one or two of her prints.

2 thoughts on “Jane Fielder – Saltaire at Night

  1. Really interesting work, and I especially like Hannah Lamb’s inspired textiles. Thanks for drawing our attention to these artists.

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