Workroom Revamp!

Been revamping the workroom. Haven’t been as productive as I would like to have been on the rag-rugging front because it had got into such a mess. Now I’ve forked out for a new sewing machine I felt obliged to get in order, besides as the temperature dives it’s the smallest room to heat. Beforehand it was all very practical but I’ve tried to make it a bit more of a creative space, somewhere I would actually willingly want to spend time rather than have to.

Most of the shelf space has been given over to jars and baskets. Rather than ferreting about a jumble of boxes to try to find something I can now just pull out a tub of adhesives, or reach for my basket of needle felting things, paints etc. Hopefully I’ll be more likely in an idle moment to just have a play.

I’ve also put all my embroidery threads into jars, as well as some of my great grandmother’s threads. I don’t do much embroidery these days but you never know, now they are in sight I might just fancy it one day.

I dismantled my frames and stored them in an old wicker bin. I also uncovered some abandoned projects including a blackwork sampler and a canvas work one. I had forgotten how much I used to love black work.

I put a thick piece of chipboard across my rag-rugging frames so I have an instant work bench when I need it, and I can move the chipboard away when I want to get rugging. I’ve put up fairy lights everywhere so hopefully it will be more inviting of an evening. I want to look out for some cheap spice jars and rack to sort my buttons into smaller colour coded jars. I’m lucky to work in front of a big window but it is a lot of blank space so I thought I would look out for a big plant to break it up.

In the meantime this is where I weave, downstairs where my dining table used to be. My spinning wheels are in the living room and fleeces and fabric are absolutely everywhere. It is time, perhaps, to think about renting a little studio somewhere…

Ahem, oh alright then, this was the before. But in my defence it is a very small room, and I dumped everything in there after an event, and I was distracted by my new loom and well, I have been very busy you know.


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