British Wool Weekend

I had a fantastic time this weekend at the Yorkshire Showground which was hosting British Wool Weekend. There were lots of stalls but not too many to be overwhelming, busy but not at all overcrowded.

There were a few familiar faces, the lovely Cilla Cameron and her fabulous rag rugs, a lady I first met face to face at Woolfest this year.

Another lady I met at Woolfest was Ingrid Wagner who makes rugs and other bits and bobs using gigantic needles and hooks. She also sells fabric ends by the kilo, perfect for rug making.

My favourite find was a sheep tea cosy from Woolly Chic, and if only my tea tray wasn’t quite so pretentious, and if only my loom hadn’t annihilated every crochet hook I own (don’t ask) I would have grabbed one of these kits in an instant – although I suspect it is only a matter of time before I cave and order one from her shop.

The prize for best stall name has to go to Propagansey, an exhibition of, yes, ganseys! It was also great to meet some ladies from the Bradford Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers – a very friendly lot!

There were of course a fair smattering of sheep and a couple of alpacas, and a rather attractive young man shearing them. I had only seen sheep shearing once before, in the Australian outback, and it was a much more disturbing and aggressive affair to be honest, so it was very reassuring to see that in fact it was a very fearless thing for the sheep to undergo.

It was all in all a great event, small enough to be easily do-able, but still plenty to keep one interested. I was very restrained I am glad to say, I only ended up getting a pair of wooly socks for my uncle. It might have something to do with my complete lack of self control the instant I stepped into Texere Yarns the day before. Arh well.

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