Warping up my loom


I’m all set and ready to go – I’ve beamed, I’ve raddled, I’ve threaded, I’ve slayed, I’ve tied on.

When it came to warping up everything I had read put the fear of god into me but in the end it all proved rather intuitive. The loom itself is so well used and full of dents and nicks and shaded patches it’s been like the loom itself – or rather the weavers before me – have walked me through the process.

I’ve also been making use of Deborah Chandler’s incredibly clear and well written Learn to Weave. I feel very confident in her hands, as well as knowing there are people I can turn to on Ravelry if I get stuck.

Even though I’ve been sitting next to a window and with my back to an open door, the only real problem has been light. I went out and got a floor lamp half way through threading and while I was at it got a wooden broom handle from Wilkos to use as a front apron rod.

I’ve painted a bit of wood this morning to make a raddle but yesterday my peg loom worked quite well as a makeshift one. I only dropped it off the loom once. As Dot  at Fibre2Fabric has suggested, I’m going to hammer in some panel pins (when I find the darned things) 1/2 an inch apart. There’s a ledge on the loom which seems to be for the raddle and I can already see how useful it is going to be.

So, paint drying, work area tidy, washing up done; no excuse but to go get on with it!

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