Well, I’ve lost my heart….

I’ve been a little bit naughty.

He’s a four shaft counterbalance loom and I love love love him. I have been searching for a loom for sometime now and in the end it all happened rather suddenly; this one came up a few days ago on the Loom Exchange and he was even local to me. His previous owners were incredibly kind and even brought him over and set him up for me. I’ve had a few queries and have been making use of the modern day courtyard sisterhood that is Ravelry and one lady in particular has talked me through a few of his quirks/my ignorance.

I’m particularly keen to get going as I’ve already prepped my warp – I don’t have a warping board but fortunately as we all know necessity is the mother of invention and I threw a couple of Ikea side tables on their backs and voila.

And now, some sunlight through my warp.

However, it looks like I’m going to have to cover him up in a couple of sheets and pretend he isn’t there, as I have just found out I’ve been selected for the Maker’s Fair Festival Special. Only a few weeks to go (cripes!) so I really need to go and make some more rugs. Do we think I will manage it, or do we think I might have to play with Boris (yes, really, I’m  sorry) for a few days until the novelty is out of my system?

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