Shipley Royal Mail – Fail

I apologise in advance as this post is an unadulterated rant. I’ve been trying to get my mitts on this book, The Fleece and Fibre Sourcebook after seeing it recommended in Ravelry, and so I ordered a copy through The Book Depository.

I have been plagued for sometime now by ‘While you were out’ cards being pushed through my door by Royal Mail, when in fact I was in. I know it is a very common problem and inundated with complaints Royal Mail, thinking we really are that stupid, have tried to combat the problem by renaming them ‘Something for You’  cards. They might as well have called them ‘We couldn’t be bothered to deliver this to you’ cards.

I am not blaming the postmen themselves, it is a crappy job and they’re working under targets and they’re only as good as their training allows. But it is frustrating, and I stupidly made a complaint to the local Shipley delivery office when I got one of these cards last week. And I say stupidly, because what happens next – the book I ordered goes MISSING! Make a complaint, they hold your parcels hostage!

The Book Depository were great and sent out another copy this weekend. But guess what I’ve just found on my doormat even though I’ve been in all morning – a ‘sorry we couldn’t be bothered to deliver this to you’ card. …. Grrrrr I was innnnnnnn! INNNNNNNN!

At least I can console myself with the fact that this book will no doubt be worth the wait. Bit worried though, about some dyes I ordered. And I was expecting those fleeces weeks ago…..


4 thoughts on “Shipley Royal Mail – Fail

  1. I sympathize. We have very friendly postpeople who know to leave parcels and packets at the back door. Would it help to have a locked post box to which only your postman and you have the key?

    1. Thanks – alas my back door is close to the main street and lockable boxes aren’t typical around here and it is unlikely the postie would make special arranagements or keep a key. He used to leave things in the yard but then never leave a card to say he had. Once I was waiting for weeks for a parcel of books until I came across the mulchy pile outside! And you won’t believe me, but I once spent weeks making a sampler in blackwork for a friend’s anniversary; as they were on holiday when it was delievered the postie put it in the skip outside their house. Yes really! Thank goodness the skip man saw it in time and realised something was amiss! Fortunately I have a very friendly shopkeeper nearby and I can get items redelivered there, but it is not a favour I want to abuse him of.

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