Fleece and Rugs at the Great Yorkshire Show

So, for the first time since World War II and the Foot and Mouth epidemic ten years ago, The Great Yorkshire Show has been cancelled. The apocalyptic rain we’ve been having since, well, forever, rendered the car parks useless.

How glad am I then, my friend took me yesterday, when it was still open. It was my first show and I looked over the itinerary the day before so I had some idea what I wanted to target, and yes, the sheep were number one! Goddamn they were cute. And as for the fleece tent, it was very hard to retain some dignity. I don’t know why they are all in cages, I think there was a mass escape attempt a few years ago.

The other event I wanted to see were the Ebor Ruggers; one of their members was kind enough to pop by and say hello during the arts trail, so when I saw they were going to be there, I wanted to return the favour. They could not have been any friendlier, and I would very much like to join one of their meetings sometime.

There were craft tents scattered all over the place and the most eye-catching stall for me belonged to the Braided Rug company. I must not, under any circumstances whatsoever even contemplate having a bash at this!

Anyways, it was all a bit of a recce really, and I’m looking forward to next year’s if the rain has lessened by then. In the meantime I can only extend my sympathies to everyone who has no doubt worked long and hard to prepare for this event.

I will just add this from the sheep pens, it did seem a little insensitive …..

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