Knit and Natter at Shipley College

One thing that has started to make Mondays bearable is the thought of a Knit and Natter group I’ve started going to. It was set up and run by Heather, a lady whose determination and enthusiasm to get people knitting is boundless and very infectious. They meet in the Costa Coffee at Shipley College on Victoria Road on a Monday evening during term time, 5-7pm. (There’s a Ravelry group here) It’s largely college staff that go but anyone can be guaranteed  a very warm welcome. Heather has lots of ideas and plans, especially in the build up to the Saltaire Festival and she the group were behind the yarn bombing of the lions in the village during the Arts Trail.

One fab outcome of this group for me is the rekindling of my love for spinning. To my shame Morag (my Haldane Hebridean) had been gathering a wee bit of dust but when a member expressed an interest in meeting her I was happy to take her along. It was great to get her going again and for other people to have a go.

My problem was the unmitigated wrist-slitting, tear inducing horror that is handcarding. I’ve been shying away from the obvious solution, a drum carder, because of the cost but with some loot earned from the rag rugs I finally took the plunge and got my mitts on a lovely David G Barnett drum carder. I only hope I have the discipline to keep it in as good a condition as it arrived!

So this is my first batt; there are a few noils in it but it looks like the fleece might have had some second cuts in it so not my fault guv. I do though need to be more careful in checking over the fleece in the  future. The UK spinners forum of Ravelry were a splendid source of advice but by far the best was to spin it anyway and call it rustic. Love that –  it’s not crap, its rustic! I’ve also been doing a great job in carding my knuckles.

But should the nation be fearful all this means I have been neglecting the rug frame, fear not. Here’s one I finished off yesterday. It’s destined for a fab new shop in Shipley called Junc, and I’ll post more about that once I’ve gone down there with my camera. Ta ta for now!


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