Adventures dyeing with Morag

Morag, if you aren’t already aware, is my lovely Haldane Hebridean. I have wanted to get to grips with plying for sometime, and I thought trying to ply with different coloured singles would be the ideal way to experiment and see clearly what was going on.

I really want to learn how to dye with natural materials, but I had some Dylon dyes lying around and today being the last sunny day forcast for a while, I got to it this morning. The Lavender just turned out a very faint grey and the Burlesque Red was a washed-out pink.

But once I started spinning the pink it actually looks quite heathery and I rather love it. I just sat the wool in the dye bath without stirring and so there is a slight mottle to it which I adore.

As a quick dye I was really pleased with how easy it was to do but I thnk there will be a lot of hit and misses as to how the colours will end up. As for how the plying turns out, stayed tuned ….

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