Patchwork Curtains

In my workroom is a recess that stretches over the stairs; since I moved in a plain white curtain covered all the junk I hid there –  but no more! Long inspired by the Vintage Vixen’s patchwork curtains, I have finally got round to making my own and thought I would share how I did it.

I measured the original curtain to determine height and width. I had decided on seven-inch squares as a neither too big or too small, and just divided the curtain measurement by 7 to work out how many squares I needed. In the end it was 6 columns of  15 rows.

I made a seven-inch template and cut out the squares, folding the fabric to cut as  many at the same time as I could. I did not add a seam allowance, I was not too fussed about them being 7 inches dead on, all that mattered was they were the same size.

I then laid them out making sure there were no great clashes of colour and pattern.

I then sewed up the fifteen squares to make a column, and then I sewed the columns together.

A simple bit of hemming all round, and the hammering of half a dozen eyelets at the top and voila!

My workroom is very small so it is hard to get a decent picture and annoyingly the lower half will be obscured by a bookcase, but if my entire house isn’t covered in patchwork by the end of the summer I will be astounded. I love it. And nothing says homely and traditional more, and it was far less scary to do than I thought it would be. It took an evening to do the cutting and according to the clocks in the pictures,  just a  few hours to make up!


5 thoughts on “Patchwork Curtains

  1. Just thought, last night, “Why not try to make some patchwork curtains?” – I want to try patchwork and I think curtains would look fantastic! Having, this afternoon, just come across your pictures my thoughts are confirmed – beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge also!! Can’t wait to get started!!

    1. You’re welcome – they really are terribly easy and they really do brighten up a room so you won’t regret it (great excuse to buy more fabric too!) Do let me know how you get on and thanks for taking the time to comment x

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