Organising my fabric stash

A load of fabric has happily made its way to me but I’ve been pretty unsure how to organise it. I like the method at cut out and keep but some of the info recorded  was not really relevant for me – all I needed to know was the type of fabric, how much of it I had, where it came from and where it was stored.

I also like being able to put swatches together when designing a rug and choosing my colours, and organising the swatches by type or location or however my mood dictates. So I devised these little cards and I just staple a sample on – I like being able to see the back of the fabric too. I use a code to record the amount – 5 masses,  3  some, 1 not very much with 2 and 4 in-between. Not very scientific but it works for me. The back of the card is blank so I can add anything I like, what projects I’ve used it in, other swatches it goes with, washing instructions etc.

I used a hole puncher and put them on a book ring and can organise them how I like when  I like. I can fit 12 of these onto one A4 card. Now then, if only I had somewhere to put all the actual fabric….


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